The Chaplain's Lifes work:
Bringing God to the Troops
and the Troops to God

The Other Side of Military Life Ray Landreville tells the fascinating but seldom-told story of the Military Chaplain, through the eyes of an 8-year veteran chaplain, Ray P. Landreville.
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About the Book

This book is a walk into the inner lives of our military personnel where fear, pain, and anxiety are intermingled with intense love and a sobering dedication to the protection of our nation. Issues like these are personal, at times full of hurt turning a normal life into a frightening, sleep deprived existence. At other times life is full of love and family and satisfaction for successfully completing seeming impossible tasks. This is an area of combat where the chaplain is most involved. He doesn't carry a rifle or sidearm. His weapon is his relationship with God and a commitment to bring God into the resolution process. The chaplain spends his life living with our military personnel, sharing their hardships, fears, and joys and being a part of military families, those who ultimately complete their personal lives.

To serve is an honor.

To serve as a chaplain is a privilege - allowing us to encounter life lived to its fullness.

Praise For

This is an incredible book. I loved being able to see through the eyes of one of America's heroes and see what it really is that our military goes through. Thank you for your service. Highly recommended.

About the Author

Raphael P. Landreville approached his chaplaincy as a mission to assist the troops to keep God in their lives although totally immersed in a world preparing to wage war. Ray was ordained in 1955 for the Diocese of Marquette, Michigan following years of study which included the Salvatorian Seminary, St. Nainez, WI where he earned his AA.

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