The Crucifixion of Donald J Trump

While reading the Scriptures recently, examining specific elements in the social life of Jesus, it is clear that Christ’s enemies wanted him out of the way so much they eventually found a way to murder Him legally. Just a few examples, his enemies objected to his teaching, followed and berated him, denying the miracles and attributing them to the work of the devil and resented the affection and esteem given Him by his followers. Since He was not a Pharisee or Sadducee he did not deserve   the acceptance and respect or dignity of the ruling class. They recognized that if the Jewish citizenry accepted Him and His social formula their pomp and control would be called into question. So they attacked Him with every tool available, denying his accomplishments, calling Him a fraud by attributing his works to the devil and generally attempted to put him out of existence. To accomplish his execution his enemies brought Him to Pilate who recognized their jealousy and tried to free Him, saying he could find no cause against Him and wanted to free him. To convince Pilate he was unworthy they brought false witnesses who told lies about Him that were proven false, actions that characterized the dishonest position of His enemies. Then Pilate, hoping he could change their minds brought out Barabbas, a known thief and murderer, and offered to release him in place of Jesus. To his surprise, they screamed their favor for Barabbas and insisted that Jesus be crucified. Pilate, realizing the depth of their envy gave them Barabbas and washed his hands saying his blood is on their hands. However, Jesus eventually won by His resurrection.


There are so many similarities in the way Pres. Trump is being attacked by his enemies that the sameness is worthy of note.


Trump is the president of the USA. He is committed to fulfilling the promises he made to the American people actions designed to better the lives of Americans.


His actions are designed to drain the swamp and allow American citizens once again have control over their lives by eliminating the countless regulations designed to control their lives and fatten political coffers.


Decades of history reveal that when someone attempts to stop such sources in illicit income, every possible attack will be launched to destroy the conveyer of honest government.


In the case of Trump, the Democrats with their liberal press are making a joint effort to find every possible lie to bring down our constitutionally elected president. The swamp people are scratching in the same pot of vicious lies, working together to increase their damaging possibilities and spreading this mess to the American public who are finally recognizing liars for what they are.


When Trump was presented with the presidency liberals screamed for Hillary Clinton whose criminal background resembles those who demanded Barabbas in place of Christ.


Much like Judas’s betrayal of Christ, members of his own Republican Party are betraying Trump perhaps fearing that his cleaning process will cost them the loss of the personal enrichment programs that have plagued elected officials for decades. Their actions demonstrating the historical fact of the party’s inability to be a solid unit supporting the   programs Americans elected Trump to do.


The list could go on for pages. This is now unnecessary as Americans are now aware that dishonest elected official can be recognized by the lies that govern their positions.


In an effort to sum up this position, both were elected to carry out their missions to better the lives of our people. Jesus was sent by God and Trump was elected by the citizens of the USA. Both were rejected by the leaders of their time – Jesus attacked by the leading religious leaders whose life style would be disrupted and their authority shaken by the actions and teaching of this of this outsider preacher. Trump is being rejected for carrying out the mandates the citizens of the USA elected him to accomplish. Both came to clean the swamp and found swamp creatures a really nasty group. A major clean-up is necessary beginning with firing the Obama holdovers doing their very best to destroy Trump. No organization can survive traitors in management or other positions within it. The sooner this process begins the better Trump’s programs will advance.


Raphael Landreville

Concerned Citizen

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